The tyres look really good now that I’ve installed the new rims on them. On the other hand the car looks a bit silly, because the car itself is old, but the tyres are brand new. Maybe a new paintjob would do the trick, so that the whole would look good. I know that the paintjob requires professional skill and right equipment, because the car paint is harmful. My friend has a place, where you can do paintjobs, but there will be a quite a cost. We’ll see how I will manage with this paintjob.

I’ve been able to be at my own peace this week, for my parents have head off to middle Europe with a car. They have really became fond of the Alfa Romeo, and they wanted to spend a vacation in middle Europe. I would have liked spend a vacation too, but I’ve got stuff to do in here.

Thing that amuses me is that it’s cheaper to travel by car rather than with airplane, travelling by bus or travelling by train, at least in Finland. And it’s also much more environmentally friendly to travel by car than with airplane.

Usually the carbon dioxide emission is the indicator for environment friendliness, but the tyres have also a great impact on the environment. The Nokian H tyres that we use have decreased the gas consumption of our family. That already is a big plus for environment and it’s all thanks to tyres. With the right tyre choice you can also affect on the condition of the road especially in winter. Tyre manufacturer also has a great impact on the environment, because various manufacturers use different materials in the tyre making process.

For me this is a great deal. I want to have feeling of freedom when I drive my car, and that feeling that I’m doing my best for the environment with the proper car and tyre choices is included to this feeling of freedom. And as I already mentioned, I’m really pleased to the decrease on the gas consumption. If it is possible to save 1 litre of gas every 100 kilometres, I believe the tyre choice has been right.